Ironically, Allen Ginsberg died shortly before the 30th. anniversary of The
Summer of Love in San Francisco. And most probably, there would have
been no hippies, no flower children, no Sixties revolution had it not been
for The Beats of the 50's and early '60s. And for Ginsberg, Kerouac, Leary,
Ferlinghetti and the others of that preceeding time of alternatives.

You may miss Allen Ginsberg for his classic American poetry, from the harsh
Howl to the gentler Kaddish...or for his catalyst effect on the era we call The
Sixties, the creation of the counterculture, or the outrageous light he shined on
his and our sexuality....

Or you may be too young to understand the relationship between The Beat
Generation and the social revolution that followed and the incredible impact
Allen Ginsberg had on society, an effect still being felt by 60 million baby

In 1982-1985, I had the joy of playing a singing jingle Allen graciously made
for us, at each opening of our weekly syndicated radio show on the '60s,
"Don and Deanna On Bleecker Street"

What follows is some of Allen Ginsberg's most memorable poetry, biographies,
interviews, American history and social conscience and why and how much
we will miss him.

Don Fass,
SC Metro Online

A Journey in Links

Allen Ginsberg

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And then came....

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