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Metronews Online and the non-profit Streetcats Foundation now offer a
very fast and low-cost research service on ANY SUBJECT to save you
time, effort and money....

All proceeds go to Streetcats Foundation's YOUTH & CHILDREN NET
help at-risk children/youth and are a tax-deductible donation for you to
a great cause.....

As hundreds of thousands of new sources go up on the Web and on
costly online research and reference services, it's getting more
time-consuming to pour through tens of thousands of "results" from every
net search (with lots of blind alleys and broken links to deal with!).....

and online research services are getting more specialized, which means
subscribing to several of them is also very time-consuming and costly....

The award-winning researchers at Metronews Online, Empowerweb,
Entertainment Network News and National Childrens Coalition can find
ANYTHING, but they can't take the time to answer the thousands of
requests they receive.....

Now, any search you need can be done quickly, effectively and very
inexpensively, if you make a contribution to Streetcats Foundation to help
at-risk kids.

Need a list of summer sports camps around the country? Or articles and
a book list on child abuse? Or a lengthy list of history web sites? Or all the
government agencies that deal with import and export? Or every place to
submit a screenplay? Or every adoption agency anybody can find? Or a
reading list for a college term paper? Or several pages of information on
careers in a certain area?

We know the WEB... and we also have many other databases you don't have
access to or that many people don't know how to use.

A large list of web sites that are current and still work (with addresses) on any
subject is just a $10-$15 donation.

More than two pages of reading lists, or mailing addresses and phone number
contacts for anything is a $20.00 donation.

Several pages of printed out articles on any subject is only a $25 donation and
includes reading lists, web sites and more.

25 places to apply for a certain kind of grant for non-profits is a $25 donation, 50
specific grant sources just a $35 donation.

Research can be done in 24-36 hours and mailed to you regular mail, or by 2-3 day
priority mail or even by e-mail.

You get comprehensive research by real experts, save time and money and lots of
effort (and often, frustration) and you help support a great non-profit cause at the
same time.

To start, first email your request to Include your name,
city, state, area code and phone number and best time and day to call you...and
most important of all, a very clear 100-word or less description of EXACTLY what
you need (i.e. summer sports camps...tell us WHERE! or grants for EXACTLY
WHAT and WHERE....or what KINDS of information)

Let's put our BRAINPOWER to work to find EXACTLY what you need!

Email your request to

or send a written request to
Streetcats Foundation
1550 N.E. 137th. Avenue
Portland OR, 97230

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