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Each month, we get dozens of requests at Streetcats Foundation and Empower Web from people and organizations that want grants for existing non-profit organizations, new projects or new non-profits they are starting and want to get funded.

Grant-writing and researching WHERE to apply grants is both a time-consuming endeavor and one that requires specialized research skills and a number of visits to public libraries and grant libraries.

To help fund our own non-profit activities on and off the Web, we are making available the lowest-cost grant research service you can find!

We will research the grants (and the foundations that give them) in your subject/service and geographical area for you. All we ask is a small contribution to Streetcats Foundation to help at-risk youth.

Save time and money and increase your chances of successfully getting funding by using our GRANT FIND services.

To start, just email us your name, address and phone number (and best time to call you, the name or proposed name of your group, whether or not you are already incorporated as a non-profit and a 501c3 tax-exempt, or when you are planning to do so, what your organization does and the audience it serves or will serve (in less than 50 words) and for what project you want funding (also a descriptive paragraph of 50 words).

Our requested contributions:

A list of up to 20 foundations (with name, address, phone and contact, as well as deadline information and suggested amounts to apply for) .....$20.00

A list of 40 or more foundations in your subject area (including all the information detailed above) .....$39.00

A series of reprints/xeroxes on HOW to apply for grants, how to write grant applications and "letters of intent" to maximize your success........$12.00 (or with ANY of the GRANTFIND services, just $6.00)

Here's wishing you great success in your FUNDING SEARCH!

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