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National banner ad rates for Metro Interactive/SC Metro Web sites are based on a CPM model with sites ranging from $8 to $12 per thousand page views.

Per click banners are sometimes accepted. In all cases, however, per click campaigns are subject to a $250 minimum guarantee by advertiser.

All national advertiser campaigns must be paid on a monthly basis, within 30 days of each monthly run. New advertisers must Paypal us in advance.

Our advertisers have included Sprint, Excite, AT&T, McGraw-Hill Home Interactive, Infoseek, Disney Online, Atlanta Bank, Lands End, Bay Insider, Cox Interactive, Mind Food Media, Planet Direct, Verizon, and many others.

Our Web sites have been named "Best of the Net," "Top 5% of the Web," "Must See," "Best of the Year," or rated 4 or 5 star by Yahoo, Excite, Snap Online, Webcrawler, Lycos/Point, PC Computing, Net Guide, and Internet Underground.

Available sites, for individual or combination buys, include Youth and Children Net, BizDay, CitysCentral, Celebrate Radio, Teensurfer, Get2Music, Kid City, Entertainment Network News, High School Central, City Kids, Magnet Business & Funding, Kidsurfer, Teen City, Rock World, Cyber Week, SF Bay Interactive (SF Today), Backstage Access, Sixties, , City Spirit, City Women, CWEB Campus Central, ParentDex, Get-It, City Sports, , NY Central, LA Central, as well as our new Kids, Teens and College Student ad Web networks, Reaching Up Radio, One Heart for Kids, Cool Email and more..

Our Citys Central, City Kids, City Spirit, BizDay, and City Women Web sites are also available on a regional basis.



Several kinds of advertising/sponsorship are available on the various sections of the award-winning SC METRONEWS ONLINE Web sitse. Rates listed are weekly, monthly, and by the year to give relative cost. All ads are available for a minimum of 4 months at a time; classifieds or ‘text link’ ads for a 6-month minimum; and bold listings, links, and full Web pages are available for a 12-month minimum. Rates are gross rates, 

Banner ads and Web page rates are subject to a 50% increase after November 1, 2011. Sponsorship of $450.00 or less is payable in advance. Ad buys of over $450.00 may be paid 50% in advance, 50% after 2 weeks by arrangement.

All advertising/sponsorship net proceeds benefit Bay Area Streetcats Foundation for at-risk youth projects, One Heart for Kids and the National Children's Coalition.



A number of arrangements for text link ads are available. Text ads are generally sold for either a minimum 6 months or 1 year. Each ad is generally $130 for 6 months, $190 for 1 year. The more sites or pages your ad is on, the lower the cost for each subsequent ad after the first, down to $70 for 6 months, $95 for 1 year..


      BANNER ADS on our
      Home Pages, Business,
      or Kid's Pages
$380.00 $39.00 $10.75
BANNER ADS--2nd Page
15% discount
15% discount
15% discount
   BANNER ADS on our
   Pages (including a FREE
   bold face page listing)
$275.00 $30.00 $10.50
      BOLD LISTING only
      or Text Link
      BOLD LISTING with
      a logo
$150.00 $18.00 Not Available
$26.00 Not Available
       BANNER AD and
$390.00 $46.00 Not Available
       plus BANNER plus
       PUBLICITY package
$425.00 $53.00 Not Available

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For additional information, please email us at or
call us at
510 316-7100 1-4pm Pacific Mon-Fri