When you come to San Francisco, be sure to wear
a flower in your hair....


Bill Graham, founder of both The Fillmore and The Fillmore East
began as business manager for the San Francisco Mime Troupe
and then began producing benefits in the Haight. Be sure to read
the whole history of The Fillmore and browse the gallery of classic
psychedelic concert art...all of which you can download.


Poet Allen Ginsberg, along with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack
Kerouac and others began the counter-culture movement in the
late '50s with the Beat movement of avante-garde poetry, jazz
new consciousness about politics and environment and sexual
experimentation, with more than a little marijuana. (Bay Area
Columnist Herb Caen called them Beatniks, a term they weren't
particularly thrilled with).


The Diggers followed The Beats. They dropped out and turned on
even more and extended the new consciousness or counter-culture.
They were nicknamed Hippies, a term they weren't very fond of,
either. They carried on the renaissance of San Francisco, begun
by The Beats in the late '50s. Read their archives of those times.


Chet Helms started the tribe known as The Family Dog and gave
haven to the early Grateful Dead, Big Brother and others. Chet
also put on concerts at the Avalon in the mid-late '60s, with early
psychedelic light shows. Today, he produces concerts at the
Maritime Hall in San Francisco and the 30th.Anniversary Summer
of Love concert in Golden Gate Park, near the original Hippie Hill.


As the Beats before them, the hippie counterculture developed its
own vocabulary. Much of it related to new consciousness as well
as the emerging drug culture of marijuana and psychedelics. Here
is most of the language, as it really was used. Dig?


A key musical group of the Haight and the counter-culture, the
Dead continued to grow musically and as a pop cult well into the
the 1990's, until the death of their beloved leader, guitarist Jerry
Garcia. Their devoted followers, Deadheads, keep on truckin'.

Audio Interviews on our Bleecker Street 60's Podcast 

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