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STREETCATS FOUNDATION began working with streetkids, runaways and other at-risk youth on the streets of New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1988. It became a non-profit corporation in 1991 and a tax-exempt 501c3 organization and California public benefit corporation in early 1993.

Over the years, STREETCATS, with its familiar blue-and-yellow jeeps, worked miracles on city streets, getting teens and young adult victims of abuse that other counselors, police and probation officers had given up on, off alcohol and other drugs, reconciled with loved ones and into productive lives. Through time, patience and tough love, the STREETCATS program worked! And it worked with little personnel or money and with mostly government and police apathy. The STREETCATS program is a model for other cities.

STREETCATS FOUNDATION now sponsors the annual national KIDS N' NEED radio- thons (beginning in 1996), produces the national radio public service announcement advocacy series "Through the Eyes of a Child," administers the NATIONAL CHILDRENS COALITION (an educational and membership organization for children and youth workers and advocates and their organizations) and it produces the content for the new Internet World Wide Web site,

HOW TO REACH US: Streetcats Foundation, 1550 N.E. 137
Portland Oregon 97230. You can reach us by email at
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. (It's good to BOTH email us and call us if you want to reach us!) between 9am-Noon Pacific Time or Noon-3pm Eastern Time for information or with your ideas and comments. Your tax-deductible donations are quite welcome as well. And be sure to visit all our other new web-sites as well.

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