Empower Web

This is the beginning of a major Web site by and about non-profit organizations, researching and funding, how to write letters of intent and grant proposals, working with volunteers, various forms of direct mail and tele-fundraising efforts and publications, networking with other non-profits
and much more.

Empower Web is sponsored by Streetcats Foundation, Metronews Radio Networks and
National Children's Coalition.

While we add to this site, be sure to bookmark it , spread the word, make suggestions and if you need something else, . We'll be adding to and updating Empower Web frequently!

For our primers, we ask a tax-deductible donation of $15-$20 to STREETCATS FOUNDATION in support of its programs on and off the net and to cover xeroxing and postage costs. Mail it to EMPOWERWEB (specify what you want) at the address below.

We also have written primers available now on:

  • Grant Research
  • Proposal and letter of Intent writing
  • Ideas for tele-fundraising and other funding campaigns
  • Doing a radio public service campaign.
  • Getting your own affordable Web page and featuring a link to it on Empower Web.
  • You'll also find lots of useful information at these sites but don't forget to bookmark this page first.

  • Socially Responsible Business Forum
  • Handsnet Non-profit Forums/Networking
  • Foundation Center grant information
  • Internet Non-profit Center
  • ConflictNet
  • Envirolink
  • Womensnet
  • The WELL (Non-profit networking)
  • National Childrens Coalition
  • Children Now (Advocacy and Data)
  • Impact On-line Net Non-Profit Sources
  • Progressive People Links
  • Black Infonet
  • Join Together Community Anti-Drug Coalition
  • Bay Area Progressive Directory
  • Ellery July's Monthly Non-Profit News
  • Gay Youth Resources
  • NIH Federal Funding
  • Carter Center Public Policy Programs. Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter
  • Left on Line
  • Minority Organizations
  • AfriNet
  • Kindness Anti-Violence Campaigns
  • Activists Oasis
  • Foundations On-Line
  • Points of Light Foundation (Community Volunteers)
  • Project 21 Outreach to Gay, Bi Teens
  • Who Cares Magazine (Youth Volunteers)
  • National Center for Children in Poverty
  • Internet Advocacy Center
  • Progressive Activists Mailing Lists
  • Religious Tolerance (a terrific site!)
  • Non-Profit Issues
  • Self-Help Links
  • Recovery Home Page
  • Government On-Line
  • Red Ribbon Network Aids Resources
  • OneWorld On-Line
  • Urban/Minority Family Resources
  • Meta-Index for Non-Profits
  • Men's Issues Pages
  • Philanthropy Index
  • CityKids
  • NCC Kids SpeakOut
  • ENN Media Lists
  • Grant-Writers Sources/Links
  • Cognito (excellent general reference)
  • Catholic Charities (CCSJ)
  • Senior Resources (Senior.com)
  • Senior Sites (nat'l service providers)
  • Seniors Pegboard
  • Irvine Health Foundation
  • Families USA (Health Care Advocacy)
  • Coalition of Foundations (Grant affinity)
  • Names Project/AIDS Quilt
  • Lesbian Resources
  • German Charities Data Base
  • America's Charities
  • National Organization for Women
  • The 1996 Presidential Campaign

  • Streetcats Foundation


    Additional Areas of Interest

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